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Stein House and Alternative Assets
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Bonds, equities, property and cash have been the main traded investments for the last century and more, and are regarded as traditional asset classes.

Alternative assets are items that have intrinsic value but are not traditionally considered a financial asset.
Why are Alternative Assets proving so popular?

Interest rates and yields on deposits and bonds continue to be very low and even current moderate inflation erodes their real value.

The performance of equities has also been disappointing and, in the poor economic climate, they are perceived as being less secure than before.

Comparing a mainstay of the traditional asset classes such as equities and a prime alternative asset such as gold, reveals dramatic differences in performance.

Since 2000, the FTSE all share index has risen by just 4% and over the last 5 years (2007-2012) it is actually down by almost 6%.

Over the same period, the value of gold has fared rather better. In 2000, the price was $273 per ounce and by December 2012, had risen to $1,656, an increase of nearly 500%. And even over the last 5 years, the price has doubled.

Stein House offers brokerage services on a wide range of alternative assets that can complement your portfolio and help you meet your objectives.

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